Saturday, 22 October 2016

QIBLAH Consulting Group opens Booth at MUZIUM NEGARA

( QCG Booth, next to a Keris and Busana Clothing booth )

( Booth in opened to public at around 9AM )

(  Promoting QCG's Islamic Estate Planning services and Dinar Dirham products)

( IEP Ariff manning QCG Booth located near the Stage )

( Visitors to QCG Booth - Aiman and Nor Baini)

Booth Promoting QCG Products & Services

The QIBLAH Consulting Group (QCG) opened a booth at the National Museum (Muzium Negara), Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with a cultural event organised jointly by the National Museum and a NGO called HIKMAH. QCG booth promoted its Islamic Estate Planning services and the sale of Dinar and Dirham coins. 

IEPs Ariff Malik and Norbaini Hassan was also in attendance to help out with queries on IEP matters.
After EconFEST 2015 at IIUM Gombak,Selangor and earlier booth openings in Melaka and Lumut, Perak this is the fourth time QCG has opened a booth to promote its Islamic Financial services.

QIBLAH Consulting Group would like to record our appreciation to Muzium Negara and the HIKMAH NGO for allowing us to promote our company and its services at the international event.

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