Monday, 12 September 2016

INVESTMENT Opportunity - Mudharabah: Hotel Leasing in Saudi Arabia

(Lobby of the Proposed Hotel to be Leased )

Hotel Leasing in Mekah, Saudi Arabia

* Update 2: Pictures of the Proposed Hotel *

( Hotel Facade )

* Update 1 (to the fB post on 2nd August 2016) *

The Departure date for interested investors will be on 16 October 2016.

Minimum investment amount is RM20,000, to be handed over in Saudi Arabia ONLY if investors are satisfied after visiting the proposed hotel to be leased.
Further details, please PM QIBLAH Consulting - Malaysia

A client is looking for interested parties who is willing to invest in short-term lease(s) of hotels in Saudi Arabia.
The leased hotel would then be re-sold as accommodations in travel packages for those performing the Umrah. 

Profits will then be distributed on the @Al-Mudharabah concept of Trustee Profit-Sharing.
PM QIBLAH Consulting - Malaysia if you're interested

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