Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Mosque Relocation & Restoration - Kg.Telok Memali, Perak

Mosque Relocation & Restoration - Timeline & Fundraising Drive

( Ar. Azmi, CEO of ATSA Architects - seated right )

A press conference was held in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur by ATSA Architects. In the PC, Ar. Azmi the CEO of ATSA Architects announced the " Kg Telok Memali Mosque Relocation and Restoration" project in Perak.

The project costs is estimated to be RM500,000 and a fund-raising initiative was also announced. It is expected that contributions will be given tax-exemptions if not for the whole amount contributed, at least partially.

 ( Relocation & Restoration, Project Background )

 ( Dato' Baharuddin, architect for the National Mosque of Malaysia joining the PC )

 ( Project visuals being shown and explained)

 ( In search of the Missing 'Bedok' )

 ( Q&A Session. All questions were answered )

The relocation of the mosque from its present site at Kg. Telok Memali to Taman Botani involves a journey of around 30 kilometres.

More pictures and information on the project can be viewed at:-

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